Steam Dry Canada is a customer service driven company serving Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Red Deer, Ottawa, London, Waterloo/Guelph, The Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland Since 2002.

Truck Mounted Steam Dry Carpet Cleaning - Steam Dry Canada's carpet cleaning division consists of a fleet of professional truck mounted steam cleaning vans. Our powerful 230 degree steam cleaning method is the most hygienic and carpet friendly method of cleaning available when combined with our high powered extraction, which removes all excess water and residue, allowing drying usually within 2-6 hours.

Truck-Mounted Furnace and Duct Cleaning - Steam Dry Canada's furnace and duct cleaning division consists of a fleet of professional 5 ton duct cleaning trucks, which are rated at over 20 000 C.F.M. (Cubic Feet per Minute) of vacuum draw, which is combined with 250-300 P.S.I. high pressure air and state of the art duct cleaning attachments, which we use to force dirt, dust and debris out of the vents and into our powerful vacuum system. Our method allows a thorough cleaning of all the vents, ducts, furnace and air conditioning unit. A complete, multi-point inspection is performed with every cleaning, to check for problems, potential problems as well as identifying inefficiencies in the heating system.

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Calgary Area - 403.214.7773
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The Greater Toronto Area - 416.747.9905
Winnipeg - 204.691.2773
Saskatoon - 306.954.2666
Red Deer - 844.417.8326
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London - 519.652.9090
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Vancouver Island - 250.597.4022

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