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The right humidity level in your home can impact your quality of life and the preservation of your most prized possessions no matter what type of climate you live in.




For Your Health

Air that is too dry can impact your skin and nasal passages leading to irritation, discomfort or cracking and even bleeding. Properly humidified air can help reduce the spread of viruses such as the flu by up to 30%. When there is too much moisture in the air, allergies flare, asthma is adversely affected, and arthritis pain can worsen. Lastly, mold and mildew can grow in areas that hold too much moisture, including walls in the home and can lead to serious health conditions.

For Your Investments

Wood can also be impacted by dry air causing the wood to become brittle. This means your favourite antique table, expensive wood floors or kitchen cabinets may show signs of cracking, splitting or loosening before their time.

For Your Comfort

The right humidity level can also make a difference in your energy costs. In colder months when your home is being heated, a humidifier adds needed moisture to the air and moist air retains heat better which tends to feel more pleasant than dry air. Homes stay comfortable and feel warmer even at a lower thermostat setting. Many believe it is not necessary to have a humidifier in warmer months, however air conditioners also remove moisture from the air. Reaching the “humidity sweet spot” in your home helps purify the air, helping you breathe better and sleep more comfortably. Your health and home will thank you!

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